Mental Health Awareness Week – 15th to 21st May 2023

During Mental Health Awareness Week we wanted to highlight how The Gurney Fund helps our beneficiaries with any counselling needs.

The aim of The Gurney Fund is to provide support relating to the educational and developmental needs of the children of police officers where a parent has died or retired due to ill health.

The Trustees recognise that sometimes it isn’t the material things that make the difference; we appreciate the power of being able to talk to a professional.

Anxiety due to the loss, ill health or injury or a parent or guardian can affect a young person’s mental health and their ability to deal with everyday life. Counselling can help young people process the effects of these events without feeling judged and enable them to develop positive experiences in their school life and relationships with family and friends.

The Gurney Fund helps young people have access to counselling at the time it is needed by providing financial assistance towards the costs and avoiding the need to go on a waiting list.

Every one of our beneficiaries is eligible for up to £1000 of assistance towards private counselling.

Since 1st September 2019 we have given £22k in counselling grants to over 40 beneficiaries

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.