Making a Difference in Real Life

A medically retired police officer has spoken about how much Police Children’s Fund has helped her daughter play the sports she loves.

Cassie Morgan retired from Devon & Cornwall Police in 2019 through ill health, after being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an auto-immune disorder.

She said: “I was getting very poorly and when I retired it was just me and my little girl Nerine, who was eight at the time. I told my Inspector that I was nervous about leaving the police and not having a wage, and being able to cope as I had a little one. He said: ‘Have you heard of Police Children’s Fund?’.”

“So I filled in the application and the Fund has been amazing, helping with things like school trips, which are so expensive. And during lockdown they helped with a laptop for Nerine, which meant homework was much easier. She did so well in her SATs and the fact that she had a laptop and access to everything she needed definitely helped with that.

“In the last couple of years, Nerine has been really into sport. She plays both netball and cricket for teams outside school, and at school she does all sports – football, rounders, you name it. And she’s now got into the Cornwall county netball team.

“Police Children’s Fund has helped me with the fees for Nerine’s sports clubs and trainers, and she’s just been to a netball weekend where she played dozens of games. These are the kinds of opportunities I wouldn’t have been able to give her otherwise.”