A Few Words from the Office

Behind every great Board of Trustees is a dedicated admin team who ensure that ideas are implemented and followed up. Sherral Keywood, Fund Manager at the Police Children’s Fund, talks about the great work the charity does and why a rebrand was needed.

Q: What does your role as Fund Manager involve?

A: I manage the day-to-day business of the charity and with the help of the board of trustees ensure our objectives are being met. I help promote the charity within our 22 contributing forces and I also talk to and assist the families who are registered with us.

Q: Why is the Police Children’s Fund so important for police families?

A: When a police officer dies or has to retire due to ill health or injury, naturally this has a significant impact on the children. The support we offer by way of educational grants means they can continue with some normality and not miss out. Mental health support grants are also available to the beneficiaries and provide families with the opportunity to seek professional help when needed, without having to join long waiting lists.

Q: Why should officers consider making regular donations to the Fund?

The number of families asking for our help is increasing but officer donations are dropping. Depending on the age of a child when they are registered with the charity, we could be providing educational grants to them for 15 years or more and we know from speaking with families the difference a birthday gift or grant towards a school trip can make to their lives.

Q: Why was a rebrand needed?

A: It was the right time. Officer donations are dropping but the need for help is increasing. We needed a fresh look and a name which says who we are and what we do with the aim of improving recognition and extending our reach to the wider community. It’s taken almost a year but we are very happy with the results. Hopefully more people will learn about this wonderful charity and help us to help more police families.