Helping to Reach Potential

A Gloucestershire family have shared their story with us showing how Police Children’s Fund have been a great help over the years.

Tina says “my husband had not long retired after 30 years policing when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was ill health retired. Having made career long contributions into Police Children’s Fund, I did not for a moment think that with police pensions we would qualify for any kind of Fund support and it was only the encouragement of my local Federation Representative that eventually persuaded me to apply.

At the time we had two teenage daughters. Police Children’s Fund provided advice and financial support throughout the latter part of their schooling, allowing them access to extra-curricular activities that we would have otherwise struggled to bankroll. Our youngest daughter Lorna took music and drama grades, she did not make the arts her profession but she is now an Advanced Driver, a Special Constable with the Gloucestershire Constabulary and an Evidence Review Officer. No doubt the confidence she gained from her full and rounded education has helped her to achieve these goals at only 21 years of age”

Trudi writes as D. D. Holland. Having completed a Creative Writing Degree at Worcester University, supported throughout by Police Children’s Fund, Trudi’s book of poetry ‘ Braised in Wine’ won the 2022 V Press Prize for Poetry. Her novel ‘The Lady Doth Protest’ won the 2022 Black Pear Prize for Fiction. Both are available on Amazon, Goodreads and

Trudi recently completed a master’s degree in creative writing at the University of Chichester, commuting there by train from Gloucestershire twice a week, journeys supported again by the Fund. She has now returned to Worcester and has commenced a PhD in creative writing; her dream is to become a lecturer and support and inspire the next generation of writers.

Trudi said “I did not go to Worcester with the intention of writing comedy. When my mother was taken ill, I wrote amusing stories to make her laugh. I chose iconic females because the way she deals with her illness is iconic. During the pandemic I decided that everyone needed cheering up, including my lecturers, so I tentatively submitted these stories. I was amazed when my lecturers wanted to read more and suggested comedic stories form the basis of my Dissertation. Police Children’s Fund were amazing in the way they supported my parents and sister and carried on supporting me even when I reached adulthood. I know I have much to thank them for.”