A Vice-Chair’s View

Mel Warnes first became involved with Police Children’s Fund several years ago and has since become the vice-chair. She told us about some of the great work she has participated in and why the charity’s work is so important.

So, Mel, how long have you been involved with Police Children’s Fund?

I have been a trustee since August 2021 and the vice-chair since May 2022.

What do you enjoy most about being involved?

I think absolutely making a difference to the children’s lives, whether it’s the higher education grants or the weekly allowances which help with educational expenses such as school uniforms, school trips and activities. The trustees and our beneficiaries are delighted that we can continue to support children in this way.

And what sort of great projects have you been a part of?

It was my idea to do the birthday gifts. We did Christmas so why not do birthdays? The initiative was very well received from January last year, so that’s great. I love doing anything to help and support our police children as part of the charity.

The charity has been rebranded and relaunched recently. Tell us a little more about why this was done…

It is the best thing because now people know what we’re about. We support the children of police officers who have either sadly died or been ill-health retired. People now know who we are and what we do and I think that’s the main thing.

Why is it so important that people support the charity?

I would really encourage serving police officers to think about donating. It’s such a small amount of money every month and it goes such a long way to help our police children. It makes a massive difference to the children’s lives, right the way through their school years and into higher education, which is amazing, and those children remember that. We know just from the stories that we hear, into adult life, that our beneficiaries remember those gifts and the help they had.